Friday, August 19, 2011

New Favorite Date Night

The hubs and I try and go on a date every weekend.  We've only missed a handful of weekends over the last couple of years.  We always go to a movie and dinner but since there aren't any good movies playing we needed another idea.  

We went to a place called Color Me Mine.  It's a pottery shop and you get to paint the pottery!  It was "date night" there so the studio fee was 50% off!  We chose what pottery we wanted to paint.  The hubs chose a box with a lid.  He painted it black and then sponged gray on top.  I liked how it turned out.  
I chose this cute rooster water pitcher.  There wasn't a sample for me to see so I had no inspiration.  That freaks me out because I'm really good at copying I'm just scared to come up with my own idea.  Well, tonight I had no choice.  I browsed through some idea books and found some inspiration.  

I didn't copy anything!  This is my own doing.  I'm so happy with it.  After it's fired it will be a nice yellow color.  The talons will be a nice barn red and then hopefully the "feathers" will stay black.  

I'll post an after picture as soon as I pick it up on Wed! 


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