Friday, September 2, 2011

5 on Friday

I'm SO happy that it's Friday!  This week has dragged!  I'm looking forward to the holiday weekend.  I hope you all have some fun plans!  We do!  We are following tradition and doing a weenie roast up the canyon with the Hub's family.  I'm excited!

Top 5...

1.  I got my hair cut again.  I also tried to go blond.  Yea, it didn't work.  But I'm back to brown so it's all good!  I love the short do!  Now I can really rock the BIG earrings!

2.  I have completely given up soda all together!  It's been torture!  I won't lie.  But I haven't had a soda in weeks even though the cravings have been out of this world.  It feels great!

3.  I had my training for Ivy Girls Academy.  I'm looking forward to helping at the event!  I'm excited that I get to be a part of something so amazing!  I can't wait to meet all the girls!  Thank you Jessie Funk for being so inspired.

4.  We completed our first Family Fun Badge last night!  We were going to make driveway signs but that didn't work out so we adapted!  We watched the stars and we taught the kids about the constellations.  I have an awesome app on my phone and they had a blast with it!

5.  We finally got a paycheck today.  It's tiny but at least it's something!  

Bottom 5...

1.  The Netherlands trip has been canceled.  I'm actually OK with it.  But I'm bummed at the same time.  It would have been amazing.  Jenny did tell us that the next trip we go on we are all at the top of the list to go.  The night before I found out I was telling the Hubs that I had a feeling I wasn't going on the trip.  I'm not the only that had that feeling in the choir either!  Who knows what would've happened had we gone.  I trust the Lord and I trust Jenny and I know it's right that we don't go.

2.  Change is hard!  I thought it would be an easy transition for me to have new members added to our ward.  It hasn't been.  It's hard for me not to know everyone.  I know that will come in time.  And I really am looking forward to really getting to know the new YW we have!  Already I'm impressed!

3.  Our Bishop was released on Sunday.  I cried like a baby.  I just couldn't hold back the tears.  I'm going to miss working with him.  But our new Bishop seems awesome too.  

4.  Did I mention I gave up all soda?  Including diet?  Yea, it's NOT fun.

5.  Last night my 5 year old was climbing over the baby gate and tore his colostomy bag off.  I was NOT happy!  Talk about a crappy situation!

Have a GREAT week my friends!  Enjoy the last holiday of summer! 


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