Thursday, September 1, 2011

Badges of Fun - Family Fun Magazine

I was at my friend's house getting my hair cut when I saw "Badges of Fun" hanging up on her fridge.  Today I finally went to Family Fun's website to find out more about it!  I'm so happy I did!  Here's what the website has to say about it:Over the years, our readers have shown us that spending time together is the key to a happy family. And so for our 20th birthday, you'll have a chance to earn ten Badges of Fun by completing great family activities in the coming months.

You don't need a subscription to the magazine to participate.  Follow THIS link to print it out!
The first badge that you can earn is for Backyard Fun!
We are going to make driveway signs for our family activity!  I can't wait!  I know the kids will have a BLAST with this craft!  And since our backyard looks like crap we'll focus on the front yard! 
There are 3 badges that you can earn so far with a total of 10 badges to complete it!  I can't wait for more family fun!


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