Friday, September 30, 2011

5 on Friday

I can't believe it's been a week and a half since I've blogged at all!  These last two weeks have been just as hard as the weeks before that.  When it rains it really does pour around here.  

Top 5...

1.  We had a really fun YW activity this week.  We made duct tape wallets and duct tape bags.  The girls had so much fun and were so creative!  It was fun just to get together and laugh and goof off!

2.  I really do have the greatest friends in the whole world!  Thank you for all you've done!  I love my "fight like a girl" bag and all the goodies.  Aud, thanks for coming over last night. 

3.  I got to talk to my niece and nephew! 

4.  The fall colors are in full force!  I can't wait to take a drive up the canyon this weekend and shoot some pictures!

5.  I got to help my friend, Jenny Phillips, this week on a project she's working on.  She's making another DVD.  I hope Carter makes it on again.  He was hilarious!

Bottom 5...

1.  I'm off to see a hand surgeon on Tuesday.  My hand still has not healed.  If it was a bone contusion it shouldn't hurt at all anymore.  Well, my hand is really killing me still!

2.  Carter has been SO clingy lately.  It would be nice but he's 5!  You'd think that he'd stop the tantrums when I leave by now.  Ridiculous!  

3.  We have so many fruit flies in the house!  It's insane.  Is this the price for buying fresh fruit from the farmer's market?  They seem to multiply overnight.  I've even left the back door open just a crack hoping they'd make their way back outside.  Yea, that didn't work.

4.  It's a good thing I like to buy things at the dollar store!  I found some solar Halloween lights and bought a couple of them.  I laid them on the porch while I ran inside for something.  Carter tried to put one in and broke the stake.  Uggg...

5.  My depression has hit again.  Is it because of family, money issues, stress, worry, or all of the above.  Yep, you guessed it, all of the above.  Luckily I have some of the best friends in the entire world to help me!   


Anonymous said...

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Sam said...

You need to make a fruit fly trap. Take a mason jar and put a fruit pit or half a peach in there or something. then cover it with seran wrap and close it with a rubber band. Poke some holes in the seran wrap and that's it. Put it on the top of your fridge and then just leave it there. The fruit will rot, but the flies will go in, and won't be able to get out. I think the press and seal seran wrap is the best kind to use, because if they try and get out they get stuck. Good luck.

Alynda said...

I hope this week will be better.

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