Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Want To Know Wednesday

I'm loving these We Want to Know Wednesdays more and more!  Today's subject is near and dear to my heart!  TV!!

{1} What is your MUST SEE show?
I can't name just ONE show!  I have a bunch that are truly MUST see!  I really couldn't miss any of these episodes!  We even have a fun tradition in our family.  Every Sunday at 6 we eat dinner watching America's Funniest Videos.  We have done this for YEARS! 

{2} What shows are you most excited to watch this season?
I LOVE Modern Family.  It's hilarious.  I can't wait for the one hour premiere!
{3} How many hours a week do you actually watch TV?
I have no idea.  Not too much.  During the day it's on for my son do I don't sit down and watch it.  I'd say that I watch about 10 hours a week.
{4} Do you think TV has gotten too "racy" (vulgar, pushing the limit, etc) ?
For sure!  I stopped watching some of my other favorite shows because they pushed the limit too much.  My hands were shaking as I deleted them off the DVR.  That was really hard to do but I know that I made the right decision.  I'm mostly appalled at the shows that are made for teens.  Some are comedies but they are so disrespectful and my kids started acting like that.  NO WAY!  Those shows have been banned!  
{5} How many TVs do you have in your house?
We have 2 TVs.  The "big" one is upstairs and has the DVR.  The one in the basement has just basic cable.  

Thank you Queso and Mamarazzi for those great questions!  I can't wait until next week! 


Mamarazzi said...

oh yes...we could be TV watching buddies, fo shizzle!

i love me some modern family...LOVE!!

thanks for linking up!

dddiva said...

I haven't seen Modern Family - I thought it was a cartoon. Shows how much attention I pay to things. LOL

sarajo said...

Modern family is great! You should try The Middle. It's great!!!

I know the teen shows on Nick and Disney are terrible!!

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