Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cleaning Out My Phone

I have WAY too many pictures on my phone!  It was time to download them to my computer.  Here are some of my favorites!
She scares me!  I don't have to wonder why her cookbook was on clearance!
This was taken forever ago!  This is my son and his cousin.
If any picture sums my son up it's this one.  He's hilarious!
We went to the Madison County Fair in Idaho and my daughter won a prize.  She picked out this bear.  Ummm...shouldn't prizes be new? 
I've got to find one of these to wear when I ride my scooter!
A while ago we took the YW & YM to the Carl Bloch art exhibit.  I didn't know you couldn't take pictures.  I am glad I was able to snap this one! 
"Dries ON minutes."  You'd think that you'd proof read the printing on the dryer before manufacturing a bunch of them!
Water Weenie fun!  These were HUGE growing up!
It's always starts tomorrow! 
I took this picture of my friend Jenny Phillips when I went and recorded on the album "Sabbath Morning."  It was a blast!

That was a fun walk down memory lane!


Audrey Jacobsen said...

Ian... that kid cracks me up. Oh and I want a teddy pack for my scooter!

sarajo said...

Those are some great photos! I love looking at my old pictures. I always find a gem! Thanks for sharing!

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