Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tender Mercies

Yesterday was a no good, horrible day.  I seem to be having these a lot lately.  Somehow in sorrow God is always there for me.  And He is there for you too.  Here's a GREAT quote...

"The tender mercies of the Lord are real and they do not occur randomly or merely by coincidence. Often, the Lord's timing of His tender mercies helps us to both discern and acknowledge them."

-Elder David A. Bednar
I love this!  I just want to share the tender mercies that I was given yesterday.  I know that Elder Bednar is right, they don't occur randomly!
I wanted to go to the cemetery so I could "visit" with my Grandma.  I know that angels are all around us and I needed to feel her and talk to her.  She had a still born baby in 1936.  Notice the date.  Yesterday was the 6th.  I didn't know that the date was September 6th.
 Anyway, as I was sitting and pondering I felt this overwhelming love from my Grandma and Grandpa Kusch.  And I realized how much they loved me here on Earth and continue to love me from Heaven.  I wasn't sad anymore.  I was so happy!  I remembered what their love felt like and it one of the most comforting feelings I've had.  I was only in 4th grade when my Grandpa died.  I have so many fond memories of him taking us to the coffee shop and showing us off!  He was so proud of us.  And my Grandma Kusch loved me so much!  We had a very special relationship.  She would call every Saturday morning and we'd talk.  We'd also write letters back and forth.  She used a typewriter and I still have every letter!  Tender Mercy 1.
Tender Mercy 2...I have a project that I want to start working on but I needed dandelions for it.  It's not Spring.  You can't find any!  They were all over the cemetery.  They hadn't mowed the lawn that week and I was able to grab all the "wishes" I wanted to!  
Tender Mercy 3...Before I left for the cemetery I had a thought to check the mail.  My friend Steve had mailed me an "ugly" card!  I laughed so hard!  He also sent an amazing CD too!  I BLASTED that all the way to the cemetery.  Thanks Steve!
Tender Mercy 4...Last night we had the opportunity to hear from Jean Keaton.  She's an amazing artist.  Her story was so touching and inspiring.  I needed to hear her stories and see those prints!  This one is one of my favorites.
 Tender Mercy 5...When I got home from the activity Auds was at my house.  I love her like a sister!  She is so loving and kind and tell it like it is.  I love that about her.  She and the Hubs helped me a lot last night.  
I felt so blessed as I went to bed last night.  It would have been so easy for me to focus on the negative but look at everything I would have missed out on!  I love God and His Son Jesus Christ.  My life would not be complete without my relationship with them.  


Lamb said...

Two posts with me in it?! I am honored! I am so sorry to hear about the trials that you are facing right now, but I am so glad that I could help even just a little with good music and an ugly card. Let me know if you need anything. Take care!

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