Thursday, October 20, 2011

Witches Were My Break

We have a lot going on in our lives right now.  A good friend said that the person who's praying for us to have patience needs to be found and shot.  I had a good laugh over that.  

Today the boys and I got a MUCH needed break from all the chaos and stress.  We went with Mom Warner, my sister in-law Laura and her 4 girls to Gardner Village to see the witches.  
It's UEA weekend here in Utah and it probably wasn't the best time to go.  We all hate crowds and boy was it ever crowded.  Today I didn't care.  I was able to escape for just a little while and enjoy spending time together!  

So despite the crowds we had a blast!  Here's just a little bit of proof!

I saved the funniest for last!  Oh my little man!  This pretty much sums his time up there. He was NOT happy that we had to wait a few minutes for everyone to get there.  And he was equally upset that we had to leave. 
Thanks again ladies for the morning out!  Until next year.  And no, we won't be going on UEA weekend EVER again!


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