Friday, October 21, 2011

5 on Friday

I'll attempt to put together a list this week.  I wish I could share what is going on with my life with the blogging world but I can't.  It's ROUGH right now, I can't lie.  But there is good in every day and so here's my attempt to find it...

Top 5

1.  I spent some time at my good friend's house today.  My 5 year old was really excited too because he wants to marry her daughter.  She and I both thought it would be so fun to be related!

2.  I was asked to record on a project!  That was an honor.  I turned it down though so I could focus on my family.  I'm so OK with that.  There will be more opportunities down the road.

3.  Have you seen "17 Miracles?"  This deserves a separate post but I'll condense it.  As the Saints are crossing the plains there was a woman who just couldn't walk any more.  She had just lost twin babies and the journey was just too great.  Her family started walking away, leaving her.  Her daughter stayed with her and prayed for a miracle.  The Lord provided for them.  As soon as she was done praying there was a dish of food laying there!  They ate and she continued her journey.  

I have felt the same as that woman lately.  I just feel like I can't go on any longer.  Today on our porch our "dish of food" was provided!  I too prayed for a miracle and it came!  We received a check from the Hubs' old employer.  It's just enough to pay for some medical bills and some other necessities.

4.  My 5 year old has been cracking me up lately!  He says the funniest things!  He told me this week that he wants to have his 6th birthday party at a cemetery.  He LOVES ghosts and ghost hunting shows.  

5.  I have been blessed with good parents, good in-laws and good friends who have helped us this week.  Thank you.  I love you all.

Bottom 5...

1.  Hospitals...I hate you.

2.  Hospital food...I hate you more!

3.  I still haven't one the million dollars from McDonald's Monopoly.  

4.  I wish gas wasn't so expensive.  Anyone have an electric car I can borrow for the next 4-6 weeks?  

5.  Family crises...please make them stop.

I hope you are enjoying a better week!   


AMY said...

LOL......thats funny about your son wanting his Bday party in the cementary.
And YES....hospitals suck and so does their food!

Kayleigh said...

Hey, I am trying to find the ingredients list & directions for the face peel you do... I thought it was on your blog, but I can't seem to find it! I had Google Reader search your blog and nothing came up. I know your life is way crazy busy, but when you have a sec would you mind sending it to me, or even posting it? I would really appreciate it!

Also, I saw that Carter had to have another surgery... I hope you are all doing well and everything is ok :)


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