Monday, November 7, 2011

5 on Monday

I have GOT to get this list done for last week.  I'm so sorry it's late.  My dog ate the list.  Oh, wait that excuse won't work, will it?

It was a better week!!  Hooray!  I hope you all had an amazing week filled with more ups than downs.

Top 5...

1.  Ian received his Arrow of Light.  He we all worked so hard on it.  Honestly, if it wasn't for his leader, Brother Anderson Ian would not have received it.  Brother Anderson took Ian for a 6 mile bike ride and helped him with other things he needed to complete.  He's an amazing leader.  And the primary president, Sister Kind did a great job on the ceremony itself.  The last ceremony I went to in this ward was goofy.  It had NOTHING to do with the arrow and what it represented.  So I was soooo grateful for Sister King and her efforts.  

2.  My dad is now officially, DR. Bruce Kusch!  I am so excited for him and my mom!  Now they can play and travel and spend some much needed time together.  Congratulations Dad!

3.  We had a great time on Halloween.  All the kids went out and got loads of candy.  Ian decided to stay in our neighborhood and trick or treat with his friends.  The rest of us headed to my sister in law's house.  It was soooo nice to have kids old enough to take the little kids out with them!  So the adults just sat around talking and laughing.  It was great!

4.  I seriously saved us 30% on our car insurance.  Thank you Progressive Snap Shot!  

5.  We got the first REAL snow storm of the season.  Now that gives me more motivation so clean out my part of the garage.  I really do love the snow!

Bottom 5...

1.  I got pulled over on my way taking Addison to school.  It was on the freeway.  I got pulled over for having my headlight out.  DANG!  I also got issued a ticket because I couldn't find my current insurance card.  I swear it was in there somewhere I was just too nervous and couldn't find it.  No biggie though because I just have to show that the light is fixed and that I did have insurance.  So it shouldn't cost a dime!  Oh and yea me for fixing the light my by self!  That's right!!  

2.  Stomach flu bites!  I just wish I was only one stomach flu away from a size 6!  

3.  When sad things happen to good people it breaks my heart!  

4.  We had our phones and cable turned off.  Actually that's really not THAT bad.  We've got a couple of local channels to watch and so I won't miss The Amazing Race and Survivor.  I just need to make sure I'm home because we don't have a DVR anymore.  I do have talk free/text free on my cell phone which is awesome.  We just couldn't afford them anymore.  Life goes on.  There's WAY more important things than TV for us right now.

5.  They are already playing Christmas music on the radio and at Wal Mart.  I walked into Wal Mart the other day and almost started crying.  This Christmas is going to be hard.  But I'm determined to make it a magical Christmas despite our circumstances.  Hmmm...I sense a theme to December's blog posts.  How to have a VERY merry Christmas on next to nothing!  Love it!

I'm excited for the holidays ahead.  I'm excited to make our lives memorable.
There is a woman in our ward dying of cancer.  It breaks my heart.  She was Ian's primary teacher.  He loves her.  Every week she asked the kids what they did to LIVE!  I'm choosing to LIVE instead on focusing on what we don't have!

I hope you do the same!  What are you doing to LIVE?



Gunter of the Hill People said...

Our dog eats toilet paper. The "dog ate my homework" excuse totally applies at our house.

Tauni said...

Oh how I understand oh so much of this!

First - as for phones and TV - if you have internet you basically have DVR on! It is great. You can watch your shows on your schedule. LOVE it! Also - did you hear about how comcast is now going to be providing internet for $9.95 for low income families? Check it probably will qualify!!!

Second - Christmas on a budget. I know if you want to get some small things, the day after Thanksgiving sale lists are coming out on I know it is crazy shopping but pjs for $4 is worth it to me right now! They also had things like waffle irons for $3!

Last - hugs! I wish I had money to just share and help everyone around me. I read your blog and I truly wish we weren't in the midst of bankruptcy and foreclosure due to out of job for WAY to long...however I read your blog and I smile and am grateful we are so blessed and that Christmas is about love and sharing not items!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

oOH, YOU USE SNAP SHOT? how is that?

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