Monday, November 7, 2011


Thank you for entering my latest giveaway!  I used to get the winning numbers!  It generated 5 & 6!

So congratulations to Marielle over at Brothers of Jared.  And Tauni over at Tenacious Tauns!  Marielle you have won the youth theme CD and Tauni you have won the primary CD.  Congratulations!

I feel bad that 4 people entered and I only had 2 to giveaway.  So I'll tell you what If Jan and Shirleen can wait a week or so I'll send you your choice of CDs!  Just comment below and I'll run to Jenny's house next week and grab some especially for you!  

Congratulations everyone! 


Jan said...

You are very sweet -- and I can wait a long time if necessary! (haha!) I love Primary and the music that goes with it - -that is my favorite.

Thanks for being so generous!! xoxo

Marielle said...

Yeah me! I am so excited! I have 4 boys ages 11,8,6,and 2 and my oldest is getting to the point where "older" music is more interesting to him. It will be wonderful. I'd love to get my hands on the primary cd too, how do I do that? Do you need my address?

Tauni said...

You are so sweet and I am so super excited! I actually had my primary presidency listen to last year's CD and they decided it was worth the money for Christmas Presents to kids to give next year's CD...yay!

Shirleen said...

Oh Tami, I am soooo excited that you would do this for me. Like Jan, I will wait as long as necessary. Thank you thank you thank you! I love listening to the Primary songs; and as you know I love love love Jenny Phillips' CDs!
You are THE BEST!

Tauni said...

I know it is the holidays and everyone is super busy but I hadn't seen any posts in a while and I am just hoping all is well and you are ok. Know you are being thought of!!

Marielle said...

Did anyone else get their cd?

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