Thursday, January 26, 2012

5th & 6th Surgeries

We just came home on Sunday from a 26 day hospital stay with our 5 year old.  He had his 5th and 6th major surgeries.  He ended up getting a very nasty infection and abscess.  We are soooo happy to be home.  He still has a PICC line and IV antibiotics.  And based on his lab results yesterday he still has an infection.  But he's getting stronger by the day.  I think we might try to send him to school next week.

Here's some pictures of our journey!

 We loved Holly the Child Life Specialist.  She helped him get ready for the many procedures he had.
 Oh that scowl!  I'm surprised his face didn't permanently stay that way!
 Poor thing hated that NG tube.
 He did NOT want anyone bugging him if they didn't have to.
 After surgery.
 LOVE that his hands were stained with paint.  Shows how much fun he had.

 The craft room kept us all sane.  Ian and I made silly medical hats.  We had so much fun walking through the hospital with these on.
 One of our favorite nurses, Annette.
 I have never stayed anywhere so long that I unpacked my suitcase.  But I did here.  I was thankful for that.  And it's hilarious that Spider Man is on the TV.  I think he watched that movie over 50 times.
 You tend to accumulate a ton of stuff in 26 days!

 Who showed him how to do this with an orange?  Yep, yours truly.
 Carter LOVED going to the play room to play Spider Man and Battleship.
 This is Kathy one of the BEST techs ever!
 The Hubs snapped this shot after I left for the night.  He was NOT happy that Mommy was going home to get some much needed rest.
 We have a future football player in the family!  Go BYU!!

 Helping make the Valentines Day displays.

 Carter thought it was hilarious to put his freshly painted hand on my face.  I left his cute little hand print on my face all evening!
 I made him a fort in his room.  He loved it.  
 He discovered how to turn on the sink.
 Our nurse, Dez gives him his antibiotics.
 That's me learning how to flush and Heprin his PICC line.
 He loved that tractor!  We kept it hidden in the room so it wouldn't get taken. Is that bad?  We gave it to the little boy across the hall on the day we left.  
 We got special permission for our dog to come and visit.  We figured it was appropriate since it's Carter's animal companion.  
   Thank you to all who emailed us, prayed for us, came to visit, brought in a meal and just listened.  We love you all.  And I'll keep you updated on his progress.  We go back next week for more blood work and to schedule an out patient procedure to make sure the whole in his bowel is closing.  Until then...


Audrey Jacobsen said...

Oh goodness! Looks like you guys had quite the stay up there! That is quite the fort too!! :) I'm glad he's home and that you are hopefully getting better sleep in your own bed!

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