Friday, January 6, 2012

How to Survive a Hospital Stay / 5 on Friday

So another week has come and gone and we are still up at the hospital with Carter.  He's 1 week and 1 day post op.  He's not doing very well.  He had some food on Monday night and ever since he's been miserable.  He had an x-ray yesterday and after they put a tube down his nose and irrigated his bowels. 

He's still not any better today.  His white cells are up considerably from yesterday.  They put in a PICC line.  It was awesome because I was able to stay in the room while they inserted it.  AMAZING!!  He did sooooo well.  They were amazed at how still he was.  He only complained when they took the tape off.  He HATES adhesives being removed.  Does he cry when they put in an IV?  Nope.  He will cry when they take the tape off. 

We are waiting to go downstairs for a CT scan.  They are looking for an absess or other.  They are starting the contrast fluid as I'm typing this.  He's asleep and won't know a thing.  I'm praying for answers.

As I'm laying awake in bed at night I think of all the things that have made this hospital stay just a little better.  So if you find yourself in my shoes someday take note.  Here's how to survive a hospital stay with your child...

1.  Bring your own blanket and pillow from home.  Hospitals aren't known for their comfy beds. 

2.  Bring your own towel and toiletries.  I didn't even buy travel size toiletries.  I brought my huge bottles of my favorite shampoo and conditioner.  I also brought some yummy smelling bath gel too.  I hate hospital towels.  They are tiny and don't dry you at all. 

3.  Be nice to your nurses and nurses' assistants.  They aren't there to serve you and clean up after you.  We've only had a couple of nurses over the course of many stays that I didn't like.  Carter has been spoiled rotten up here this time. 

4.  Bring a book and magazines.  It's boring here.  It's hard to just sit around all day long watching Disney Channel or PBS. 

5.  Don't EVER feel guilty for leaving your child alone while you run and grab something to eat or take a break.  I left Carter to come to the parent resource center to type this up.  They will survive.

6.  Don't ever get your hopes up about how long your stay will be.  Seriously, don't.  Your doctor or surgeon might say that the stay will be 3-5 days.  I've made this mistake one too many times, only to be extremely disappointed.  Something might happen to make that stay just a little bit longer than expected.  Look at me now.  But then don't assume that it WILL be longer.  Just take it day by day.   

7.  Bring an ipod or something to listen to music on.  I'm a firm believer in the power of music.  Again the Disney shows get old and it's nice to tune out.

8.  It's OK to cry.  It's OK to have a "break down."  I've definately shed some tears over these last two days.  Between the lack of sleep and watching helplessly it's bound to happen.

9.  It might surprise you who comes and visits and who doesn't.  It's hard when some don't make the effort.  But they don't know how hard it is at the hospital.  They probably don't know that visiting or calling would brighten your day.  I promise though that you will meet people in the hospital that are amazing and understand exactly how you feel and what you are going through.  It's awesome!

10.  The food at the hospital will give you the worst gas you've ever had!!  It will destroy your tummy.  Bring some fiber with you!  You think I'm kidding?  Just try eating that food 3 times a day for weeks.  YUCK! for the best and worst parts this week.
Thanks for hanging in there for this long post.

Top 5...

1.  Carter made a super hero cape in the play room this week.  It's adorable and I can't wait until he feel well enough to wear it and play.

2.  We have been spoiled rotten.  Or I should say that Carter has.  The nurses and staff LOVE him.  Our nurse last night even let him go and choose what prize he wanted.  He chose a Power Ranger glove and phone set.  

3.  I get to go home and get a good night's rest today.  

4.  I have had just as much fun at the play room as Carter has.  It's so fun to play!!

5.  We have been shown so much love by our friends and family.  Thank you so much for those that have sent gifts and emails.  Oh and Dan, we LOVE Yoda!!

Bottom 5...

1.  Watching helplessly is awful!

2.  The food...uggg my poor tummy.

3.  The hurry and wait game I hate!  

4.  We have the most amazing view from our room but the inversion is terrible.  Yuck!

5.  Taking cat naps all night long is getting to me.  Maybe that's why the tears are so close to the surface.

Thanks again!!  I love you guys!!   


Shafferprincess said...

Oh, Tami. I've been thinking of you this past week wondering if he had been released and if the surgery worked. I'm sorry that things are still hard.

And, if we lived a little closer, I'd definitely be there to brighten up your day. Or take you out to lunch. Or just talk to. 'Cause I remember how hard it is to be in the hospital all day long for days on end.

We love you, Tami, and think of you guys often. And, you're right, it's okay to cry. And walk away. I had the hardest time with that - especially at night. But, you have to or else you can't take care of him. Love you, Tami. Stay strong and we'll pray for answers.

Gunter of the Hill People said...

What an amazing Mom you are, Honey! I love how honest and positive you are - and there is NOTHING wrong with the occasional breakdown. Its just another way of releasing tension. :)

I love you!

Marielle said...

Hope everything is okay!

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