Friday, March 30, 2012

5 on Friday Including Bacon Wrapped Coffin!

Holy crappers what a wild couple of weeks we've had.  Here's the skinny...

Top 5...

1. This is for sure number 1 on the list.  Bacon wrapped coffin?  Yes and yes.  Seriously I want to be buried in something like this.  Forget the plain, boring coffins.  I'm not plain and boring!  I want to give everyone one last laugh.  Please bury me in something like this, please.  It's my dying wish.  The makers think they are going to Hell for making this.  I think St. hood is in order!

2.  We came home from the hospital on Wednesday!  Um, wait see bottom 5 also.

3.  TV shows have made the list this week.  I really do love escaping from life for just a few minutes.  I have a new favorite show...The Big Bang Theory.  My favorite quote from last night's episode is this, "50% of marriages end in divorce but 100% of ice cream sundae bars end in happiness".  

4.  I have the world's most amazing friends.  I was able to see The Hunger Games.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

5.  I got to see my cute sister and nephew.  See bottom 5 also for more.

Bottom 5...

1.  As I'm typing this The Hubs is up at the hospital with Carter.  We had to go back last night.  He was in terrible pain and had a high fever.  They did a CT scan and it showed no leaks.  Awesome!  It did show an enlarged Appendix.  That could be from the pressure from his intestines.  They are keeping a close eye on it though.  

2.  I did see my sister but it wasn't under the best circumstances.  She ended up driving my nephew down from Idaho to the hospital.  He was admitted.  How often is it that 2 cousins are in the same hospital at the same time for the same disease?

3.  One of my children thought it would be a good idea to throw dishes away because food was stuck to them.  I found dinner plates, and bowls in the outside garbage can.  This explains why we are missing soooooooo many dishes.  

4.  While up at the hospital we had the world's WORST nurse.  It's funny up at Primary Children's.  You either have the most amazing nurses or the crappiest nurses.  There is no in between.  She left a blown IV in his hand for almost 2 hours.  Had I been at the hospital I would have removed it myself.  She almost hooked his fluids up to his new IV without cleaning the port.  Nice.  

5.  The Hubs didn't get the job in North Carolina.  So we are still jobless.  Fun!

I hope you all had a great week!  And hey, if you want to email little Carter a note or a joke he would LOVE that.  

We don't get many visitors so these jokes and notes really make his day!  Here's the link...
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