Sunday, March 11, 2012

Millcreek Canyon

So I know it's Sunday and I'm a total flake lately about my "5 on Friday" posts.  The days just seem to melt into each other.  

This weekend has been a BLAST!  I did miss out on something I wanted to do soooo bad though.  But I can't focus on the bad, just the good.

Here are a few pictures I took up the canyon yesterday.  We went with the Hubs' parents.  We had so much fun.  

 We found a snow cave and the Hubs just HAD to try it out!

We drove up Millcreek Canyon.  It's so beautiful!  It's hard to believe that in just a couple of months this will all be dried out and ready for our favorite weenie roasts!  I can't wait.


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