Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Adventures of Butt Boy

My 11 year old is a boy.  Need I say more?  He's 11.  He loves bodily functions. I've embraced this side of him.  He cracks me up!  

He's been into drawing comics lately.  His latest and greatest creation is "Butt Boy".  A character that loves nothing more than farting all over the place.  I think he even killed someone with his huge farts.  I have been told that the boy can fly because of all natural gas!

If you don't have a boy or if your boy is little you probably have no clue what would drive someone to write about such things.  Just wait.  It won't be long.  

Yesterday Ian was drawing during class.  He got a stop and go and the teacher ripped out the page he had been drawing on.  She said it was sexual harassment.  I asked for the picture back and today he brought home a copy of the picture.  She had to save the original for the principal.  Ummmm, ok.  Here's the picture he drew.  You decide if it borders on the sexual harassment side.  

  Yea, I didn't think so either.  So I told him that he could still draw his comic but it had to be on his own time!  So he worked on it a little more today.  

Without further ado...here's Butt Boy

The words are set to the tune "I'm Sexy and I Know it".  I know...I know.  Shame on me.  The version we love is "I'm Elmo and I Know it".  But I didn't think you would know that song.

Stay tuned for the many more adventures with Butt Boy!  


Dan Stoeckle said...

Funny, I hate to (pun intended) burst his bubble but butt boy sounds like Fartman.

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