Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Why I Love Swaps

 I love swaps! I've done three so far and I've yet to be disappointed.  The latest swap was hosted by Angie and Beth over at Chaotic Goddess Swaps.  Thanks ladies for all your hard work!

I was partnered with Kenzie at Life and Lemons.  She's awesome!  We have such similar tastes and it was so much fun shopping for her.

Check out my amazing haul!  Kenzie was so thoughtful.  Thank you so much Kenzie!  She even sent toys and treats for our dog.  I loved the magazine and the first thing I did was the crossword puzzle in it.  My kids loved the little chocolate candles.  They thought they were real and wanted to eat them.  I LOVE the nail polish.  It's red and that's my favorite color!  When I saw that she sent me a couple of flies because she knew I wanted to learn fly fishing I seriously almost got a little teary eyed.  I just loved how thoughtful it was. Thanks again Kenzie!  I just love everything!


Miss Angie said...

What a great package! Kenzie is a great swapper, I'm glad you guys hit it off so well!

Thanks for joining us!

You received your gift card right?

Kayla said...

Kenzie spoiled you!

Beth W said...

YAY! You and Kenzie both were so thoughtful in each other's packages. She's an awesome swapper, and I love that she included some flies! Now you can come visit us in WA and go steelhead fishing! :D

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