Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Renewing My Commitment

I have not been a good blogger.  I have thought to myself so many times why even bother?  There are are so many bloggers out there in blogging land how can I set myself apart?  I call my blog the eclectic blog because it is.  I don't have a set "theme".  This is me.  This is my life.  This is what I believe in.  This is what I create.  I would love for you to come on this journey with me but if don't that's ok too.  I want my children to remember the fun times we had and the fun things we did as a family.

I used to really care about the number of followers I had or how many views a post got.  I wanted it to go "viral".  I was focusing on the wrong things.  I care about followers and I also care about my family.  I care about God and Jesus Christ.  And I won't be ashamed of that.

I am a Mormon.  I haven't been a very good Mormon at times and have been called out on it.  It stings when that happens because I know they are right.

But I do love it.  I love God and Jesus.  This last year has been THE hardest of my life and 2013 hasn't started out too great either.

Last week my 14 year old adorable daughter brought a friend home after school.  We decided that we needed frozen yogurt.  Makes sense to me to go out in the freezing cold and put something even colder in our bodies.  But we had a great time and laughed and laughed.  I needed to laugh.

Afterwards I went to a local LDS bookstore called Deseret Book.  I love reading and needed something uplifting to read.  I found "Heaven is Here" by Stephanie Nielson.  I knew a little about her life.  I knew that she and her husband had been in a plane accident and that she got burned.  That's basically it.  I read this book in 2 days and it totally changed how I look at life.

I'll write more about that in a separate post because this is getting long.  She has such amazing courage.  She has such amazing faith.  I want courage and faith like that too.  I realized that I don't have to be in an accident to have that kind of faith.  I can have it now.  I can have it through the trials that I'm going through.

Thank you Stephanie for writing this book!  I have renewed my commitment to my faith, my religion and my family.

The Hubs was out of work for the majority of last year.  He has a great job now but money is super duper tight still.  We have one car.  It died last week.

As I laid in bed one night feeling very sorry for myself and our situation I thought about riding the bus.  I then thought about all the interesting people I'd meet along the way.  I thought to myself that I'd blog about my new "adventure".  Hello!  Light bulb moment!  Adventure?  Could I look at my trials as "adventures" and be happy about them?  Happy?  I'm not so sure but it was worth a shot!  This week has been amazing!

Usually Sunday mornings are a mad rush to get ready for 9am church.  This Sunday I woke up with a different attitude about my problems.  They were adventures now!  And I truly do love a good adventure.  My daughter even made the comment about me being extra happy.

I am happy.  Despite everything that's happening I am happy.  It is possible!  So change your vocabulary!  We are on earth experiencing amazing adventures.  Sometimes they aren't so great.  Sometimes that knight rides up on his horse.  It's all on how we look at it.


Shafferprincess said...

You're pretty amazing, Tami, and I'm constantly impressed with the way you can change your view of a situation. Thanks for your friendship!

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