Saturday, May 4, 2013

More Swaps This Month

I am participating in not one but TWO swaps this month!!  I love this, can you tell?  The first one is this...

I am so excited about it!  You have to check it out.  It's a smaller priced swap.  You need to spend only $15-25.  And you get beauty products!  YES, please!  I love Beth and Angie who put these swaps together.  They work hard and I always try my best to honor that by putting together great packages.

The other swap is this...

Cara Box

I absolutely love these Cara Box Swaps.  She has well over 200 people per month to track and she does an amazing job.  I have met the most amazing women through this.  My favorite part about this swap is the personal note that you send with it.  Oh I can't wait.  And there's a theme every month.  This month's theme is about everything local.  I need to send my partner a box filled with goodies that are local to Utah.  So fun! She loved the outdoors so this will be perfect.

Go check them out!!!