Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mug O Comfort Swap

My friend asked me if I am always participating in a swap.  I LOVE them and I try to do one a month.  Who doesn't like to get treats in the mail?  This time I was paired up with Jennifer over at Utah Queen of Chaos.  She's got 4 little kids and I can't even begin to imagine that!  She is also from Utah and we have very similar tastes in liquid refreshment.

Check out my haul!
 Look at all those herbal teas to try!  When I was shopping for Jennifer I bought her the pineapple chamomile tea too.  I almost bought some for myself because it looked so good.  I think I'll throw some water in the kettle right now!  I absolutely love the mug.  I don't have a travel mug so this is perfect!  Thanks!
  So you might have noticed that these chocolates are already opened.  That's right, I dove right in.  Man, are they good!  I only had one square each and I will savor every single bite.  And I'm not sharing!  Sorry kids and hubs.  These need to last me a while.

Thanks again ladies for an amazing swap.  I can't wait for the next one!  Click on the mug picture to see the rest of the hauls!  And to see upcoming swaps!