Thursday, January 24, 2008

What's in my bag? I've been tagged.

Jen tagged me so I have to do this right? I had to take the bag that I use the most and tell everyone what's in it. I had no idea that my little purse held so much!

10 lipsticks or glosses, 3 pens, 2 highlighters, an old inhaler, Tide to go pen, ipod with headphones, tampons, nail clippers, name badge for work, 2 checkbooks, empty eyeglass holder, my Rx, cell phone, wallet, lotion, empty bottle of anti-bacterial, empty m&m wrapper (my treat to myself after a crappy afternoon), skittles, TONS of recipts, TONS of paycheck stubs, other misc papers that didn't belong in my purse, a picture of my eye ball (from my Dr. appt this week), crumpled napkins and finally my camera.

Wow! Who knew a purse could hold so much. I need a bigger one! That was fun and a good excuse to clean out my purse.


The Hale Family said...

That was awesome to read. Can you believe we carry so much junk? I loved the story about the BYU fan...that is nuts!

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