Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NEVER Again...

They say that 70% of adults are guilty of texting while driving. I am guilty of that. I just texted and drove yesterday in fact. I justified it in my mind because I was stopped at a red light. But the light turned green before I finished my message so I drove slowly while I finished my text.


I was watching the Today Show this morning and they aired a story about a public service announcement that Whales had made showing how dangerous texting and driving can be. It was graphic. It hit home. They couldn't show the entire video because of the graphic nature but I believe that ALL adults and teenagers should watch it.
I googled it and found an article that has links to that video and another video that the state of Utah has done. You can find it here . Both are very well done. If you don't want to watch the graphic one, watch the one that Utah did. It's long, but it is very well done.
Did you know that it's more dangerous to text and drive than it is to drink and drive? The video mentioned that if you text and drive it's like having double the legal limit of alcohol in your system. That is scary.


Alynda said...

I heard the same report (allbeit on a different network :) and I have not texted, or read a text, while driving since then. I have been known to pull over to read or answer - a much safer option. Thanks for the reminder.

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