Monday, February 15, 2010

Addison turns 11

I still can't believe that I am old enough to be the mom of an eleven year old! No one believes that I'm old enough though so I guess that's good. She hadn't had a birthday party in a while so I thought that we'd have one for her this year. We had a great turn out and everyone had a great time. We started out by playing the "ball game". I wrote out a ton of get to know you questions on a ball and then they took turns throwing the ball around. They had to answer the questions that their right thumb landed on. It was so fun listening to them play.

The kids decorated pillow cases to take home with them. All of the kids signed Addison's. This kid was so cute to watch decorate his case. I wanted to keep him!!

Surprise! We are pregnant! How fun for BFFs to be pregnant at the same time!**Oops! I never thought anyone would actually take these balloons in our shirts as real babies! Nope! NOT pregnant (either one of us!). Our baby having days are OVER!

One of the kids pointed this out...The rainbow isn't right! There is a color missing and the order is wrong. We all laughed so hard! Do you think I should call Costco and let them know about ROY G BIV?

My cute niece Morgan.

Don't mess with Mama!

This kid was certifiably crazy! He yelled, jumped OVER my furniture and was totally obnoxious!

The boys all took turns break dancing.

Then it was Wii time!


Laura Brewerton said...

Are you serious! Baby # 4? Hope all goes well. Congrats!!

Sam said...

Happy Birthday Addison!!

The Warner Corner said...

Oops! Those are balloons!

Aaron & Erin said...

A co-ed party at age 11!!! Wha-whoooo!!! I remember being to embarrassed at that age for a boy-girl party. Looks like she had a blast. Happy Birthday Addison!

Tiffany said...

glad we are not prego... however it could have been fun if it was a few years ago!LOL What a fun night you were as always an amazing host!

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