Monday, August 23, 2010

Calendar Dilema

So my friend and I were talking about how dependant we've become on our calendars on our phones. I used to be really good about transferring those items onto my paper calendar on my fridge until lately. That bad decision bit me in the butt today. I just checked my email and noticed an urgent message from Jenny's assistant. I FORGOT ABOUT SUNDAY'S FIRESIDE because I didn't write it on my calendar and I didn't set a reminder on my phone. How could I let that happen? I learned my lesson. I will write it down! We are only allowed one un-excused absence a year and our choir "year" just started. GREAT. I am so embarrassed because it's not like me just to forget a fireside. I've never done that before. So learn from my mistake...transfer it to another calendar if you need to!


Lesia said...

I just make sure I set an alarm on my phone calendar, but thanks for the reminder. smile.

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