Thursday, March 10, 2011

K12 Virtual Academy

My 12 year old just started school at home.  It's NOT homeschooling in my mind.  I do not come up with curriculum.  She was having some bullying problems at school and was also missing a lot of school because of health issues.  I was tired of fighting with the school about it.  A friend of mine told me about the K12 Academy. I was skeptical at first but decided I would check out the curriculum and the whole process.  
My husband and I decided to enroll her.  She was put on a waiting list for this school year and I thought she'd never get mid year.  Well, she did and we are into our 2nd week at home.  

All of her supplies came on Monday.  I should have taken a picture of everything.  As soon as I get this office set up I'll take a picture of our "school room/office."  I can not believe what was sent to us.  We got a science and art kit.  We received student manuals and teacher manuals.  She also got music CDs and a few classic novels too.  

This is a FREE virtual charter school.  What I love about it is she and I can sit down and create a learning plan together.  In a typical school classroom the teacher has to teach to the "middle of the road" student.  What about those that fall behind or are advanced?  What do those kids do?  This is THE answer.

I love the curriculum.  I feel that she is going to get a better education being here at home with me than she will at a brick and mortar school.  It works for her because she is self motivated.  She's amazing.  

I've had several people tell me what a bad idea this is.  They think that she won't learn how to deal with problems and peers.  Those people are wrong.  With this academy there are organized field trips and get togethers.  I am happy that I know that she's safe here.  She doesn't have to worry about bullies.  I don't think that knowing how to solve problems with bullies is a necessary skill to learn in order to be a successful adult.  

Did you know that by high school the parent is hardly involved in teaching the child in this program?  They learn to complete their assignments on their own.  If that doesn't prepare them for college, what will?

I'm so excited about this.  Check it out! They have programs in MANY different states!  And did I mention that this is all FREE?


Steffanie said...

I think it is funny that we both pulled our kids from traditional school at the same time, and both chose the same program. We think the K12 program is awesome. It is so much more flexible and allows me to challenge my children's thinking. I have heard about the program for years from a colleague and I have been totally impressed. I feel blessed to be able to play a more active role in my children's education. While I know that homeschooling is not for everyone, I know that there are those children that will truly blossom if given the opportunity. Best of luck to you and Addison in your new learning experience.

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