Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our Girls' Weekend Away

My daughter and I went up to Idaho for the weekend. We had so much fun! We started our trip out with a visit to Aunt Jeni at her school. She's a beauty student at Paul Mitchell and she cut both of our hair. She also gave my daughter a weave. My sister is going to go far in this business! I'm so excited for her.

Everyone at the school thought it was cool that my sister got to do a "lift" on her hair.  I guess that's a HUGE deal because she had "virgin" hair.  Who knew?
Of course she HAD to pass the time reading up on Justin Bieber.
Did you know that Taco Bell tostadas are one of my favorite things?  Did you know that we don't have them in Utah?  Sad, I know.  So when I found out that Idaho has them my sister and I made a run for the boarder.  The only problem is that we made that run a little too late at night.  We both got majorly upset stomachs but it was well worth it.  YUM!
The weekend was fun and I didn't want it to end.  There's nothing better than hanging out with my daughter, my mom and my sister.  My mom treated us all to manicures and then lunch.  I also loved seeing my sister's kids.  They are all so fun to play with and they love their "Tami."  I can't wait until we can play again.


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