Thursday, March 3, 2011

Poop Treats

I know some of you might be grossed about about me talking about poop but it's a big topic of conversation around our house.  We have two boys with Hirschsprung's disease.  Our oldest is doing just fine.  But our 4 year old is still have major motility issues.  I won't bore you with details.  Our pediatric GI doctor said that if it takes buying a Porsche to get him poop then do it!  So this week I headed out to Target to stock up on the GOOD toys.  The dollar store toys just wouldn't do.  I wanted my boy to be motivated to poop.  I bought 3 sets of Legos, Toy Story coloring sets, TONS of the Matchbox airplanes, bubbles, a ball and a puzzle.  I put all of his treats in a basket and he was so excited!  I think he went twice yesterday!  But today...well that's a different story.  He wanted those Lego sets in a BAD way.  Guess how many times he pooped today?  SIX.  And I'm not talking about little poops either.  Are you grossed out yet?  Because I could seriously talk about this all day long.  

Here's what happened tonight though.  He told me again that he thought he needed to go.  I asked him if he really needed to go or just wanted a treat.  He sat there for a minute and then said, "I think I'll just choose the treat."  My husband and I burst out in laughter.  Oh my little crack me up!

I told him that he was going to run out of treats very soon and that I'd just have to buy candy.  Surprisingly, he was totally fine with that.  I think though that I'll still head out and buy some more of the "good" toys.  It's been a GREAT motivator.  


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