Monday, April 11, 2011

All About Me Monday

I LOVE get to know you posts.  The wackier the better I say!  So I'm dedicating my Monday posts to random Tami facts.  Enjoy getting to know the crazy person that I am!

Do you take vitamins?  Um no.  I know I should.  The hubs bugs me about it all the time.  Ok...I'll start today.  But whenever I start taking a vitamin I always get a cold.  Let's see this time.

Best Amusement Park Ride?  That would have to be the wooden roller coaster at Great America or the roller coaster at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.  I love me a good roller coaster.

Who Would You Like to be in a Castle?  Queen, princess, knight or jester?  I'd LOVE to be a princess.  I wouldn't have to make any big decisions.  I'd have beautiful clothes.  I'd have servants who would be at my beck and call.  Oh yea...the princess life is totally for me!

Best Beverage?  Anything brown and diet.  It doesn't matter if it's Coke or Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, etc.  I love them all!

Dream Job...Life flight nurse.  Can you imagine the adrenaline that would pump through your body on a daily basis?  Oh yea!  That would be the perfect job for me!

Ice Cubes or Crushed Ice?  Crushed ice all the way.  I LOVE pebble ice.  I'll fill my mug full of ice then add the drink.  Oh heaven!

What kind of shoes are you wearing?  My new clogs that I bought at The Walking Company this weekend.  They are seriously the BEST shoes I've ever owned!  Between the bone spurs and planter fasciitis my feet kill me all the time.  I've been going to PT for 3 weeks now and it's better.  But these shoes really do make a huge difference!  

A smell that makes me pause...BBQ.  I love it when I can smell the neighbor's BBQ!

Someone's diary you would love to read...My mother in law's.  She writes faithfully in her journal every Sunday and hold nothing back!  I'd love to read what she's said about me!  Or maybe I don't want to read it? 

What did you do last night?  Audrey and I drove to Tooele together for our fireside.  I had no idea that we'd be performing in my old stake.  It was so much fun to see some friends that I haven't seen in a couple of years!  It was also so great to see so many choir friends that I adore!  Now if I can just get a solo! 

Island cabana, European castle, Safari tent or Ski lodge?  This one is easy!  I'd pick island cabana hands down.  I love the beach.  I grew up going to the beach.  I love the sand in between my toes.  I love the sound of the crashing waves.  I love the seagulls flying above.  I love playing in the water.  

Kill bugs or try to save them?  Kill them!  I've never met a bug I liked.  The fewer the better is what I always say!  So stomp, flick, squish away my friends!

That was fun! 


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