Tuesday, June 28, 2011

5 on Friday...Camp Version

I know, I know...it's Tuesday.  I was at girls camp this weekend.  We got back Saturday afternoon and since then I've been trying like a mad woman to catch up on sleep!  I can't wait to post pictures.  The hubs took 340!  Don't worry...I won't post all of them...just 339 of them!  

I LOVE girls camp!  This was my first time going as a leader.  What a blast!  So without further ado here are the highs and lows from girls camp!

Top 5

1.  On Friday night, while sitting around the campfire, things got REALLY silly!  I haven't laughed that hard in a very, very long time.  Those girls are hilarious!  I felt young again.  And I loved that I could be just as silly right along with them.  My cheeks still hurt.

2.  I loved helping the girls with their crafts!  We made crowns, rings and bracelets!  

3.  The hubs and I didn't have to sleep in tents!  The owners of the property were so nice and let the two of us sleep in the empty house!  I guess it does pay to be a "hose head."

4.  The food was great!  We planned a yummy menu!  I especially loved the dutch oven dinner we made on Friday night.

5.  Marysvale, UT is teeny tiny!  I mean TEENY TINY!  I rode into "town" with the hubs one day and just HAD to stop at the craft "store."  It was hilarious!  I wish you could have seen what all was in this store.  Surprisingly, some things were actually buyable (I know that's not really a word...).  I also picked up a copy of "The Best of Marysvale Cookbook."  This is even funnier!  The typos are the best!

Bottom 5

1.  The bugs were insane!  There was a sighting of a snake too.  

2.  It was H-O-T hot!  

3.  My allergies went nutsies up there!  

4.  Horseback riding...I think my bum still hurts.  I hated every single second of it!  It was definitely not worth $29.   

5.  It wasn't long enough.  Next time we have a ward girls camp I'll extend it by one day.  I just wanted more time away from the "world" and more time laughing, feeling the spirit and getting to know the girls more!



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