Tuesday, June 21, 2011

5 on Wednesday??

Oh man what a week this has been.  I totally haven't had a chance to blog about last week until now.  It's 11:30pm and I should be sleeping.  After all I have to get up at 5:30 to get ready to leave for Girls' Camp.  That's another post.  I'm excited though.  

So I'm sorry this is a few days late...

Top of the last week...

1.  I got to record with Jenny Phillips and a few of my favorite people!  We recorded two choir numbers.  It was a blast and I'm honored that she asked me to sing with her!

2.  We got a dog!  
 His name is Boba.  Long story short...I checked the local ads and found this dog.  They were looking for a good home for him since he was in his kennel for 8 hours a day.  They loved us and gave us the dog.  It was an honest answer to prayers.  You'll read why in a second.  

3.  The hubs and I went and saw the movie "Super 8."  JJ Abrams...you rock!  Thank you for creating such an amazing movie!  Seriously people, it's a MUST see.

4.  My nephew was released from the hospital today!  Hooray!

5.  I survived this last week.  Honestly it's a miracle I did!

Bottom for the week...

1.  Last Monday my nephew was life flighted from Idaho down to Salt Lake.  I had never seen a child so sick and honestly, I didn't think he would make it.  After many prayers and some sightings of hot doctors (inside joke with the sister!) he's amazing!  He had to have another colostomy placed and a blood transfusion.  It was pretty scary!  But he's doing so well now!  This will tell you how sick he was; he didn't want "his Tami!"  That's saying something!

2.  My baby has to have another colostomy placed.  He'll go in for surgery next week.  Who would've guessed that these cousins would have matching colostomies?  This is the reason we got him a dog.  He needs it! 

3.  When hard things happen you really do find out who cares and who doesn't.  I sent out a message about Carter and was surprised I didn't hear back from some of them.  It's just hard when it's family, you know?  Carter is getting to an age where he will want visitors to cheer him up.  I wish some family understood that.  But again...you find out pretty quickly who REALLY cares and who just pretends.  Harsh, but true.

4.  I left my phone at a restaurant.  Luckily it was turned in but it was a long drive back to get it.

5.  I tried to donate blood this last week.  I know that I'm anemic so I started loading up on iron.  I'm a really rare blood type and I really wanted to donate.  Could I?  NO!  I was one stinking point low for my iron.  

How was your week?  I hope better than mine! 


Lamb said...

Sounds like a VERY busy week! I hope all is well with you. Seriously. Let me know if you need anything and PS I am jealous you recorded with Jenny again. OH and I loved Super 8 I think I jumped 8 times!!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Hey,I'm excited for you! That is awesome about recording with Jenny...but I'm here today for selfish reasons...I just need a friend today, and you are always able to make me laugh! :) Love you!

Laura Isanga said...

I hope your comment about family not caring about Carter was not aimed at me. I had no idea about Carter having surgery until Father's Day dinner and that was only because I overheard you talking to Renae. It is hard to show you care when you are not told that something is going on.

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