Saturday, July 30, 2011

How I've Survived This Week

Again, I've got to go with the pictures.

 BBQ!  Dang the hubs is getting good with his smoker!  Survived this week with yummy food and good friends to share that with!
I survived the week knowing I have a private blog!
I'm still waiting for those pills to kick in!  Wait, what?  You actually have to take them?  Crap!  I haven't got any.  Time to see the doctor!
I survived this week because of my really good friends.  They've all come through for me when I needed them the most. 
I survived because I have a great husband!
I survived because my friend brought me yellow roses. 
I survived because I went to the temple.  
I survived because of the blessing of work!  God has been so good to me!  I need money to get to the Netherlands in May.  It's an amazing opportunity to sing and perform missionary work.  

I survived because I know that God loves me.  I see the proof in all the work I've been able to do lately to come up with the deposit money.  
 I've survived because I have a family that needs me!  They need all of me!  They need my silliness, my discipline, my laughter, my talents, my spunk, etc.  They need ME!  Plain ole MEEEEEEE!!!
I've survived because I know thing are just things.  They can totally be replaced.  No biggie.  People can't, memories can't, knowledge can't be replaced!  No one can take my self worth, talents, beauty away.  And no one can take yours away either. 


Audrey Jacobsen said...

There you are Peter.... I mean Tami. ;)

I love you girl. You CAN and WILL get through this. You've been through SOOO much worse and have kicked those trials bums. Besides I hear we have rain coming and you know what that means?!?! :)

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