Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beyond Glazed

I absolutely love these cute little bakeries that are popping up here in Utah.  Last night before we met up with family to celebrate my husband's last year in his 30's (hahahaha!) we stopped by this cute bakery called Beyond Glazed.  He had told me that they had a maple donut that was to die for!

I walked in and this beauty caught my eye!  Imagine this maple doughnut with bacon pieces on top!  What's better than maple and bacon?  Oh yea, put it on a doughnut!  Words can not describe the taste!  It was what I want served to me 24-7 in Heaven.  My mouth is watering just thinking about this doughnut! 
Luckily Beyond Glazed is way beyond our house!  I think the new tradition will be to go here before going to our favorite Mexican restaurant in Draper and skip See's Candy all together!  Thank you Beyond Glazed for making this treasure!  My hips thank you too.  Wait, no they don't they hate you!  But my mouth loves you and that wins every time!


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