Monday, August 15, 2011

My Happy List

Do you ever just have a day when you need a pick me up?  We ALL do!  It's the week before school starts and I think everyone is ready.  We are all anxiously awaiting to find out who has what teacher and who will be in their classes.  I was thinking today of everything that makes me happy and lifts my spirits.  Here are just a few of them.  So next time you are having one of "those" days try one of these things!!  Oh and by the was one of those days for me and I did get each and everything on this list!

Nothing is better than pizza on a night where it's just too hot to cook and nothing really sounds good anyway.  Plus we ate on paper plates!  No dishes!  Winning!
 Have you not discovered Metromint Chocolate Mint water?  It's a little bit of Heaven on Earth.  It's a MUST have on ANY day!  I think I need to start stock piling these so that when the world ends I'll be happily drinking and won't care at all!
 I'm so sorry if you don't have a Harmon's Grocery store nearby.  They have the BEST salad bar by far!  I love going to Harmon's!
 Project Runway totally boosts my mood!  Maybe it's because they shop at Mood for their fabric..."thank you Mood."  Although this week they went shopping at the pet shop.  I wanted the bird seed dress to win! 
 I LOVE buying a brand new magazine when I'm having one of those days!  And here's just how new it has to be.  I won't grab the front magazine.  I will grab one from the middle of the stack just to make sure that no one else has browsed through it during their checkout experience.
Ok, so I didn't get brownies.  But I keep dreaming of Katie's brownies!  I also love buying these little guys, you know the little cookbooks at the checkout stand?  I bought a Halloween one today!  I can't wait for Halloween!  And it makes me all kinds of happy that the stores are starting to display the fall items! 


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