Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Hubs is Home From Alaska

The Hubs got back from Alaska today!!  As I watched the kids play with him on the front lawn tonight I realized how much they loved their daddy!  

I'm sorry there are sooooo many pictures on this post.  We looked at all of his pictures today.  Here are some of my favorite.  They are untouched.  He had problems with his lens the whole time.  Luckily we have editing software to take out all of the black dots.  
So he's home!  Our freezer is stuffed with 85 pounds of Halibut and Salmon!  I have 3 new magnets on my fridge and each of us have a new shirt!

I'm so happy he's home!

I can't wait to post more!  His dad has the other pictures with him in it!
I hoped you liked these pictures!


Gunter of the Hill People said...

It was a truly amazing trip and it is wonderful to be home with my Sweetheart and my crazy kiddos. I love you Honey! Thanks for making home the greatest place to be.

Sam said...

So fun! I want a slide show, and we'll be over for some halibut! ;)

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