Sunday, May 20, 2012

Book of Mormon Page Titles

I love Pinterest, it's no secret.  I love all the amazing ideas that are shared there.  It really is amazing.  How did we ever survive without the internet?  I'm still not sure.

I came across this amazing idea called Book of Mormon Page Titles.  Confessions of a Slacker Mom put the list together.  She has basically put a title to each page of the Book of Mormon to summarize each page.  It's awesome!!

I really am a simple minded girl.  I don't dive into the doctrine like some do.  And that's ok.  I sometimes have a hard time remembering where to find things in the Book of Mormon.  This has helped me so much!

Here's the PDF list.  Trust me, it will change the way you study! 

If you want more info about the Book of Mormon click HERE.   


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