Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Can you believe that school is out?  I LOVE summertime!  I love not worrying about homework.  I love letting the kids stay up late and sleep in late.  People think I'm crazy but I really do love having the kids home.  Summer goes by way too fast!  I always try and do something fun with the kids each day.  Some days are better than others.  And yes, after the fun I always here, "I'm bored".  It's inevitable with kids.  So here are some easy, cheap ways to have fun this summer.  I'd love to hear your favorite ideas!  So leave me a comment and give me some more ideas!

The Warner Summer Bucket List
1. Fly our Kite
2. Go to the splash park at Liberty Park
3. Movie day
4. Make bird feeders with the AMPLE amount of pine cones in our yard. Anyone need any?
5. Weenie roast
6. Go
7. Go to the movies
8. Go to a concert (free concerts on Friday's downtown)
9. See the wildflowers at Albion Basin
10. Have a breakfast picnic
11. Visit the farmer's market
12. Make a fire/safety plan
13. Make a family tree...maybe even go to the library downtown
14. Tie dye t-shirts
15. Pajama Day
16. Make sand castles
17. Make tin can stilts
18. Laugh 100 times-keep count
19. Bean/Macaroni art
20. Make a summer scrapbook
21. Go to a Bee's (baseball) game
22. Write poems
23. Make and keep a summer journal
24. Find 10 different kinds of flowers outside
25. Go w/out TV for a day
26. Crate your own holiday. Did you know August doesn't have a holiday?
27. Lagoon (amusement park) day
28. Visit Children's Museum
29. Visit the Aquarium
30. Visit Thanksgiving Point
31. Ride bikes to the park
32. Make homemade ice cream
33. Go for a hike...I have an awesome book about that!
35. Go fishing
36. Try origami
38. Go visit Wheeler Farm
39. Wash the car
40. Tea party day with the girls
41. Baking day
42. Make Play Dough
43. Make a collage from old magazines
44. Have friends over for game night/BBQ
45. All you can eat taco night...who wants to come?
46. Family yard clean up day
47. Re-arrange a room
48. Make omelets in a baggie
49. Go to the craft store and let them pick a craft to try
50. Reading marathon day
51. Work on a puzzle together
52. Play tourist for a day...visit touristy locations
53. Have a weenie roast in our backyard...not up the canyon
54. Service day
55. Surprise Daddy at work for lunch
56. Paint wood or a picture
57. Make finger paint bags. Put a little bit of pudding or washable paint in a gallon size zip top bag and let them rub their fingers over it. Because there's so little pudding in the bag the imprints show through. I hope that makes sense
58. Go Frolfing!! Golf with a Frisbee people! It's so much fun
59. Trace your bodies on a big sheet of paper and let the kids decorate it. I did this with my 3 year old and his little friend and they still talk about how much fun it was! I bought the big sheets of paper from a party supply store.
60. Visit the copper mine
61. Bug collecting
62. Play with sidewalk chalk. Maybe a bicycle course?
63. Make wind chimes with empty cans, rope, and anything else around the house
64. Have an "I'm special" day. We have a special plate and I thought it would be fun to rotate it through the family!
65. Visit the Great Salt Lake
66. Visit Antelope Island
67. Go see fireworks
68. Set off your own fireworks if you can
69. Have a culture night. Play themed music and make food from that country
70. Make cereal necklaces from Fruit Loops
71. Go to the Zoo
72. Diet Coke and Mentos...need I say more? We'll make sure to do this at a park where there is LOTS of open space
73. Water fight
74. Photo scavenger hung
75. Make and fly a model rocket
76. Let kids run through the sprinklers
77. Have a bike day...wash bikes, check brakes, check air pressure, make any adjustments and repairs that need done

78. Play hide & seek with glow sticks.  One person hides the glow stick and then the others try and find it
79. Hide an object at night and have the others try and find it with flashlights
80. Freeze little toys or other treasures in a large block of ice.  Have them squirt the ice or use little hammers to chip away at the ice
81. Outdoor movie!  There is a park near us that has outdoor movies once a week. 
82.  Make sculptures out of sugar cubes
83. Nature scavenger hunt
84. Have a constellation night.  Study the stars and then spend the evening identifying what you have learned
85.  Fly swatter paining!  Use fly swatters dipped in watered down paint and hit the paper
86. Have a science experiment day


Michelle... said...

Those are great ideas. A lot I hadn't thought of. Do you really have a lot of pine cones? I've wanted to make pine cone bird feeders, but don't have cones.

Alynda said...

Great post and wonderful ideas. Here is my summer bucket list:
learn Spanish, drive by myself in Mexico, talk to the maid so she doesn't short sheet the bed, did I mention learn Spanish?

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