Sunday, March 17, 2013

5 on Friday...Sunday Edition

Wow!  What a week this has been.  Here's a quick recap

Top 5

1.  I got all my things ready for my Carabox swap.  I am SO excited.  It's a theme box.  All things have to begin with the first letter of your partner's name.  My partner is Sydney.  She lives in Oklahoma!

2.  I have an exciting blog writing opportunity that has presented itself!  I'm writing a few posts a week for a local real estate agent.  Someone pinch me please!  I will make enough moola to pay for some extras like a membership to our local rec center.

3.  A long while ago I bought a gift certificate for an Indian restaurant.  I got $25 worth for $5!  The Hubs and I took our 6 year old.  He LOVES the food.  He told me he hates "American" rice and loves "Indian" rice instead.  I had lamb korma.  It wasn't spicy enough.  What is happening to me?  I used to be the biggest wimp when it came to anything spicy.  Now I seriously crave it.

4.  Roonie, our dog, started puppy training classes this week.  Look how tired he was after class.

5.  The weather this week was INCREDIBLE!!  I was able to open all the windows and air the winter out of the house.

Bottom 5...

1.  Our 14 year old is SICK.  I brought her to the ER twice this week and she is not any better.  We don't have any answers.  On Thursday night she had blood work and an ultrasound.  Then she went to a sleep over at her BFF's house.  I would only let her go if she promised she'd call me if her pain got out of control.  She called around 12:30am on Saturday morning.  I drove her straight to the ER again.  The doctor was so puzzled.  There is still no explanation as to why she has so much pain.  The Hubs and a neighbor gave her a priesthood blessing tonight.  I know she's still got a while in her recovery from whatever this is.
2.  One of my 12 year old's birds died this week.  He was devastated.  We buried him in the backyard.  He's going to earn money to buy a new bird.  The bird wasn't tame and he said that he was sad that the only time he got to hold his bird was when it was dead.  Breaks a mamma's heart!  He asked if he could have a brick to write on.  I made the stick cross.
3.  The first time I took our daughter to the ER I didn't take her to the children's hospital that's about 20 miles away.  I took her to the big hospital about 7 miles away.  BIG MISTAKE!  She needed an x-ray.  First of all they said I couldn't go in with her.  Bull!  I stayed.  It's a good thing I did.  The x-ray tech asked if there was any chance she could be pregnant.  Fine, no biggie.  She said there was NO way she was pregnant.  This is when my blood began to boil just a little bit.  He went on..."you know it's really important to tell me.  The radiation is really bad for your baby in the first trimester".  Um, what?  She just said no.  I was ticked.  Then they did a pregnancy test on top of that.  So here's the good news...I'm officially NOT a grandma.  I will NEVER take a child to that hospital again.  The 2nd time we needed the ER I drove the 20 miles.  

4.  I cleaned up my gmail account.  I had almost 6,000 unread emails.  That is NOT a typo folks.  It's true.  It took a good hour or longer.  But it's done and I vow to never let it get like that again.

5.  My 6 year old's tummy hurts too.  He just needs to poop.

That's all for now my friends.  I hope you had a GREAT week!