Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cara Box

Cara Box
I received my first Cara Box this week!  This swap was amazing!  I made two new friends.  This swap happens every month and there is a different theme each month.  You can sign up every month if you want to or just once.  It's great!  And you don't send a package to the person who's sending you a package so it's a great chance to meet two amazing ladies.  I was paired up with Sydney and Tanika sent me my goodies.
I was spoiled rotten!  Over the last few weeks Tanika and I have exchanged several emails.  She put together THE most thoughtful package EVER!  This month's theme was the first letter of your name.  So everything needed to start with a "T".

It has been an emotional week and this could not have come at a better time.  When I opened the box the first thing I saw was "T" for tribute.  She made a donation to Hope Kids in honor of our family.  Yes, I cried when I read that.

I also received baby lotion because I "T"reasure the smell!  An amazing book.  Tanika, it's SO good!  I love uplifting reads.  I got a darling trinket (a butterfly ring).  I've already worn it and got a couple of compliments!  

My favorite thing about the Cara Box was that we were required to write a thoughtful, hand written letter.  How often do you get a hand written letter anymore?  Hers was amazing.  And yes, I cried again when I read it.

Tanika, thank you SO very much!  It wasn't an accident we got paired up!