Monday, March 11, 2013

Favorite Things Swaparoo

Brown paper packages tied up with strings do you want a few of your favorite things?

I am hosting my very first swap!  I'm excited and a little nervous but it's going to be a blast!  And you don't even have to be a blogger to participate in.  I'll do my best to pair up bloggers with bloggers though.  


1.   You can sign up now through March 17.  I will then give you a partner that you will get to know. You'll find out their favorite things and they will in turn find out your favorite things.  I will assign partners no later than March 19th.

2.  You'll then put together a package with some of their favorite things. You'll need to spend between $20-30. No more, no less. That is before shipping! Make sure your package contains at least 4 items.  It would be fun to wrap each gift but that it optional.

3. Then on April 5th or 6th you'll mail your package to your partner. 

4. It will must be mailed priority and you'll need to get a tracking number.  You must email both your partner and me the tracking number.  

5.  If you are a blogger create a post showing off your swap goodies!  This is an optional thing.  It's fun to see what everyone got but the most fun is receiving the package.

6.  Send a thank you to your partner.

If you have ANY questions please email me at