Friday, March 8, 2013

Are You Sure? 14th Bday

My oldest daughter turned 14 last month.  I should have said my oldest child because I only have one daughter.  She woke up EXTRA, EXTRA early to do this to her hair.  Apparently It's THE thing to do at school on your bday.  I was worried as I was helping her put straws in her hair.  I'd ask "are you sure" over and over again and she would just laugh and say yes.

We have a tradition in the Warner family when it's your birthday.  The birthday girl chooses where to have lunch and we all meet up and have a great time!  She decided she wanted to go to the Training Table.
Time to order!  No, seriously.  This is how you order.  You phone it in.  Do you think they ever sanitize these?

 Diet Coke can never have too much lemon in it.
 Ooey, gooey, cheesy goodness...extra special when these are dipped in their "dipping sauce"
Cute cousins!  Happy birthday!


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