Sunday, March 10, 2013

Playing Catch up...Instagram style

I realized that why I have neglected my blog.  I've been using instagram and facebook to stay connected.  That's find and dandy but I miss the story telling aspect of it all.  So here's the story behind these latest pictures I posted on instagram.  

 My adorable daughter and I!  People always tell me how much we look alike.  I never thought so until I saw this picture.  She loves to take pictures with her dad and mom!
 This is The Hubs.  Isn't he funny?  I love my friend's photo a day challenge.  This day the theme was "out of place".  It's never too late to join!  #hiyapapayaphotoaday
 I am going to really miss finding Carter's toy everywhere one day.  These are just a few that I found lying around the house.
 It's been a while since we've had a baby in the house.  I watched my friend's kids and Carter immediately started playing peek a boo!
 Meet Roonie, our new puppy.  We found him on our local online classified section for free.  His previous owner said he would be 2 this month but there is NO way he's 2.  He's still very much a puppy.  Our vet thinks he's about 6-8 months old.  But isn't he so cute?
 Our new neighbors behind us smoke out on their balcony.  Obviously my 6 year old doesn't like it.  He painted this picture for them.  Maybe I should hang it up on our back window!
Last, but not least, I LOVE gnomes.  The Hubs got an Amazon gift card for some random knee conversation board he participated in and he got this for me!  I love it!

Are you on instagram?  I'd love to follow you!


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