Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Week in Review

Dear life,
Can I get a break please?  I'm running out of white flags.

Top 5...

1.  I have a new favorite TV show.  Have you seen The Walking Dead yet?  I'm obsessed.  The Hubs is obsessed too.  It is NOT a show for kids!  It's very gory and I LOVE it!  Look, I even became a zombie.  I make the zombie look good and scary!
2.  Look what we woke up to this morning?  Yes, more snow but it was so beautiful.  I have to remind myself to enjoy it because I HATE the heat and it's coming all too soon.
3.  I got my Cara Box this week!  It totally made my week!

4.  When my 6 year old gets in trouble he writes notes.  A couple of days ago he wanted me to make him pancakes.  He had just eaten breakfast so I told him he'd have to wait a few minutes.  He FREAKED out and hit me so I sent him to his room.  I heard a piece of paper slide across the floor and this is what I saw...
I am not good at "kid speak" so when I saw "acshole" I panicked just a little bit.  Here's the translation..."If you love (heart) me why don't you actually (acshole) take care of me I'm sorry".  I can just picture him in his room trying his best to sound out these words.  He's written me so many of them I created his own hashtag on instagram!  We had a good little talk and then when I told him he still had to wait the few minutes he cried again and clutched his stomach.  He then crawled through the kitchen like he was going to starve to death.  Hilarious.

5.  This week Hope Kids had an event at Hollywood Connection.  The Hubs stayed home with our 14 year old because she is still sick.  The boys and I had so much fun!  We spend the majority of the evening upstairs playing the games that give you tickets.  We ended up with almost 900 tickets mostly because an older couple gave us all of theirs.  Here's a picture I took...
Bottom 5...

1.  Facebook drives me absolutely insane sometimes!  I know I'm guilty of making people mad or hurting their feelings and I'm sorry about that.  But dang this week was a doozie.  Why am I friends with people I actually didn't like growing up?  This week I took great pleasure in "spring cleaning" my friends list.  Somehow these people find a way back into my facebook feed by posting a comment on another friends status or picture.  Yuck!  Make the bad ones go away for good please!  And if you think I'm one of the "bad ones" please delete me.  I won't care.  In fact, I'll probably be grateful.  There were a few people I didn't delete but wanted to SO badly!  I don't know why I didn't.  I want to delete my account all together but I can't because I have a lot of amazing people in my life and that's the only way I stay connected to them.  What do you think, should I just delete those additional people I know don't like me?  Dang, but they are neighbors!  Well, it's just one neighbor.

2.  We still don't have any answers why our 14 year old is having such severe abdominal pain.  It's been over 10 days now.  She had an endoscopy done this week.  We should have the results back on Monday.  Her Dr. (I'll call her Dr. H) was less than friendly with me.  I could not figure out why.  Dr. H was my 6 year old's Dr though this whole Hirschsprung thing.  Later that night it hit me!  Last year when he was SO sick I went over her head to get him the help that he needed.  He ended up being hospitalized and being treated with TPN and Lipids because he was so malnourished.  His surgeons suggested that I switch GI doctors to someone who practiced at the hospital because it would be easier to communicate.  I agreed.  I had completely forgotten about that.  Do doctors really think so highly of themselves?  I KNOW I did the right thing.  She quit her practice and now practices at the hospital.  Great.  I had more questions for her after my daughter's procedure and the nurses paged her several times.  They even gave her my phone number.  Surprise!  I never heard from her.  What's up with doctors thinking they are God's gift to this earth?  I wanted to switch surgeons once and was told by the other surgeon that I couldn't because it would cause him too many problems in the office.  What do you call a doctor that graduated last in his class?  A doctor.  Scary!
  3.  Have you heard of dog shaming?  I'm getting my sign ready!  Kidding, sort of.  The Hubs and I bought new bedding last night.  We found a SCREAMING good deal!  My 12 year old came in and asked what that big wet spot was.  Freaking dog!  He peed on it.  I bundled it all up and asked him to take it down to the laundry room.

4.  A local real estate company held an Easter Egg hunt this morning even though it snowed a good 6 inches last night.  It was freezing and miserable and extremely unorganized.  At one point one of the ladies just started giving kids eggs out of the bucket she had been dumping them out of.  It was a Hope Kids activity so I am grateful for their effort but it really should have been cancelled.  They even had you fill out a little slip to be entered into a drawing.  They wanted to know if we or anyone we knew was planning on buying a house in the next 6 months.  What?  Tacky.  Tacky.  Tacky.

5.  Doctors...need I say more?  She's worth being on this bottom list twice.

Until next time!