Monday, March 11, 2013

I Love Being a Food Hero

I love being a hero.  Not a very humble statement but in the eyes of my 6 year old I was this morning.  What did I do?  I simply made him a Mickey Mouse pancake.  It was adorable.  He was honestly SO proud of me.  He said, "Look Mom, you really did it!  Good job Mom"!  I'll be a food hero any day.
See those heart carrots?  My daughter was sick a while ago and I made homemade chicken noodle soup.  I wanted her to feel a little better and knew heart shaped carrots were just what the doctor called for!  She couldn't understand why I kept peeling and peeling the carrots.  So cute!  The homemade noodles were the biggest hit though.  My mom always made the noodles.  Store bought just won't do if you want REALLY good noodles.

I make my noodles by mixing up about 3 eggs, enough flour to make a stiff dough, salt and pepper.  Sorry, I don't have measurements.  I hardly ever use measuring cups or spoons.