Monday, October 3, 2011

Hitting the Road Family Fun Style!

Remember my post about Family Badges of Fun?  Well, we earned our 2nd badge this weekend!  We took a road trip!

Our family LOVES seeing the fall colors this time of year.  Usually we stay pretty close to home.  When I think of a "road trip" I think of an adventure and that's just what we had.

We traveled through East Canyon.  I'd never been there before.  The colors were awesome!!  When we came to a fork in the road we decided to head toward a little town called Morgan.  We fell in love with it.  It made us all want to pack up and move there!  We then had another choice to make...come home through Ogden or Parley's.  We chose to head toward Parley's.  Then when we came to the exit towards Salt Lake or Wyoming we chose Wyoming!  

We ended up going to Evanston, WY.  I needed to go there anyway so I could buy some sparklers for an upcoming YW activity.  It's a surprise so I won't say why I bought them.  

It was dinner time so we stopped at JB's for dinner.  It was disgusting.  So sad!  Oh well.  

We made it home just in time for bed! 

What an awesome road trip!  Here's the evidence.

 I really, really could live here!  Couldn't you too?
 We just happened to pull over in front of this old wasp's nest (at least that's what I thought it was).  It photographed so well!
 This is Devil's Slide.  It really was amazing.  It's too bad you really can't slide down the thing! 

So my left hand is still killing me from my fall over two weeks ago.  I grabbed some Advil we had in the car.  Wasn't that nice of them to think of ME by giving me my own drinking cup?  Thanks Convenience Valet!  I was half tempted to pour some of my Diet Coke in that little cup just so it didn't go to waste but I was in too much pain!

Here's to another Warner family road trip!  I can't wait to earn the next badge! 


Tauni said...

Love this!!!! What a fun activity! I too love Morgan. My dad's family is from Peterson (7 miles out of Morgan) and I always swear it would be the best thing ever to live up there! Close to Devil's back bone, my dad started that mountain on fire when he was younger. They were working hay and one of the bails caught a spark from the tractor...I always think of that story when I see the Devil's back bone!

Karina said...

We've stopped in Morgan too and thought the same thing!!

Aubrey Garff said...

This sounds like something we need to do. We need time to ourselves as a family and we need fun! You guys are so funny. I love you

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